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Payment & Shipping Information

At the moment we offer the following payment methods for consumers:

 Advance payment
The big advantage with payment in advance is the cashless clearing and the low priced dispatch.
In most instances, you will comfortably pay by online banking from home.
You pay not till on receipt of the goods by the courier service. Here you must provide the appropriate amount of cash.
Plus the delivery fee of 20,89 Lt incur additional charges for delivery by the shipper.

For parcels within Lithuania incur the following costs:

from 0,01  kg up to 0,09  kg 15,00  Lt  incl. VAT
from 0,10  kg up to 9,99  kg 50,00  Lt  incl. VAT
from 10,00  kg up to 19,99  kg 120,00  Lt  incl. VAT
from 20,00  kg up to 31,99  kg 170,00  Lt  incl. VAT
from 32,00  kg up to 39,99  kg 209,00  Lt  incl. VAT
from 40,00  kg up to 49,99  kg 220,00  Lt  incl. VAT
from 50,00  kg up to 99,99  kg 290,01  Lt  incl. VAT
from 100,00  kg up to 149,99  kg 350,01  Lt  incl. VAT
from 150,00  kg up to 199,99  kg 390,01  Lt  incl. VAT
from 200,00  kg up to 249,99  kg 470,01  Lt  incl. VAT
from 250,00  kg up to 374,99  kg 588,00  Lt  incl. VAT
from 375,00  kg up to 499,99  kg 620,04  Lt  incl. VAT
from 500,00  kg up to 749,99  kg 800,00  Lt  incl. VAT
from 750,00  kg up to ~  kg –,––  Lt  contact us

For bulky cargo incur special costs, the amount is reported at the product.